You Best Think Twice
9 February 2012 @ 8:33 PM

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The night was silent, or as silent as it could be when Nanette’s heels tapped against the cold hard floor of the Galloway house corridor. She was the only one that seemed to be awake except for the constantly murmuring wind that caused the branches of the tree to knock on the windows, begging for entrance. A muffled scoff escaped as she looked on their futile attempts to enter into the warmth that seemed to hover around the Galloway house. It was nights like these that she despised. Her nails traced the windows scornfully while a frown replaced the eternal smirk that seemed to reside on her exotic features. Moving away from her former position, she walked over to the door of her dorm. When her fingers made contact with the door handle, a thought slithered into her devious mind. The conversation she had with Primrose arose and she contemplated where to hold the blockade. She would need to go scouting, which meant that she would wake Marion up so that they could wreck havoc on the unsuspecting civilians that occupied Boston. 

Her mood lightened and she stepped into the dimly lit room with a bounce occupying her steps. Getting used to the darkness, her eyes registered the sleeping form of Marion. With an impish grin, she encircled the boundaries of Marion’s bed before she suddenly pounced on the fellow Galloway with a loud roar. Laughter forced its way out of her lips and she fell on the ground with a thud. But she didn’t mind the sudden impact to the floor as she clutched her stomach. Struggling for breath, she finally pulled herself up and wiped away the small tears threatening to fall. She took deep breaths and looked up at Marion with a sly smile, “Awake now?” she rhetorically asked. Leaning against her own bed, she gave Marion her pleading face, accompanied with pouting lips and fluttering eyelashes. It was a rare sight but she needed Marion for this mission to be any fun, “Marion I have a request,” she started with the whiny voice she knew Marion hated, “help me scout out places for the barricade!” she stated with twinkling eyes. 

Jumping onto Marion’s bed, she pouted, “It’ll be fun,” she said while wiggling her eyebrows in a suggestive way, “Besides the Academy has been boring for days,” she said in an exasperated gesture. Falling on her back, she closed her eyes, “It’s killing me, Marion. Help me,” she pretended to wheeze out. Giggling at her dramatic attempts, her expression grimaced as she remembered who she adopted those habits from. She stopped herself from thinking of Wilde and clung onto Marion, “I’ll even let you choose the places we visit today,” she offered with a smile. Her behavior was very un-Nanette-like. She wasn’t sure what triggered her childish and usually dormant personality to shine through but it felt comfortable and real. Biting her lips, she hoped Marion wouldn’t question why she was acting so differently tonight. Because she didn’t understand it herself. 

Marion stood strong. She knew what was about to happen but she felt no fear. She was going to die but she never felt more in control of her life. The crowd jeered as she was led forward. Marion found herself smiling at them. They looked unsettled by her confidence. “You will all meet the same end as me,” she thought and held back a laugh. They feared her power and fear meant respect but it was the end of her reign and Marion understood that. Marion allowed herself to be led roughly up onto the platform. The pyramid of sticks towered above her. Soon flames would consume her along with it. “Burn witch!” She heard the shrill cry ring out. She looked out at the crowd and saw the faces of the ones she loved. Her wrists and legs were bound to a central pole and she saw determination in the eyes of the torch-carrier. “Marion!” She heard Nanette scream and run toward her.

"Awake now?" She heard someone ask. It felt as though she was sacked in the stomach. She opened one eye to find Nanette inches away from her face grinning like a fool. Marion groaned and pulled the pillow over her face. "What the fuck, Nanette?" Marion’s voice was groggy with sleep and muffled by the pillow. Her stomach still hurt, Marion pushed Nanette off of her, sending her to the floor in a heap. Marion mustered a giggled. "What time is it anyways?" Marion asked, almost afraid to look at the clock. Nanette pounced on her again. "There is going to be hell to pay if you have woken me up at some ungodly hour," Marion threatened. She glared at Nanette but both girls knew Marion didn’t mean it. Marion let her head crash back down onto the pillow and let out a deep sigh.

She perked up once again as Nanette began talking about the party. The possibilities intrigued her. Midterms were finally over and every year after midterms their grade had made it a tradition to have a huge party to relieve stress and kick off a new semester. Marion needed to relieve some stress. She raised an eyebrow at Nanette’s curious behavior, “You must be really excited about this party…” Marion trailed off. Unable to resist Nanette, Marion let out one last groan, “Well what the hell, I’m up already. I might as well go do something productive.” Marion pulled the covers off herself and pulled on a pair of clean jeans. “All I ask is that you buy me Indian food at Faneuil Hall,” Marion grinned cheekily. “Now about the party, if we are looking for locations in Boston; you must be planning a large scale party?” Marion was curious normally Galloway gatherings were exclusive but Nanette seemed to be planning something huge. 

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30 January 2012 @ 6:01 PM


Sometimes I wonder why we can’t get along.

Why we hate each other so much.

Maybe the hippies had the right idea. Y’know…make love, not war. We should all love each other and respect each other. Maybe the solution to all our problems is love after all.

But the more likely solution is to lock all of you in stadium with a bunch of weapons and tell you that you only one of you can survive and then watch all you fuckers kill each other. 

Somebody’s PMSing today.

Maybe you should try some free love, David.

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It took three rounds of fishing through every pocket on various articles of clothing, patting down his bed sheets, and frisking about his cabinets for Jared to finally accept that his cell phone was not lying forgotten somewhere within the boundaries of his dorm room. The fruitless hour-long search had taken him through every possible nook and cranny and left him exasperatedly thrown against the floor, head and arm partially beneath his bedding structure. Reaching into the depths of items splayed underneath the bed’s frame, he plucked out an empty box, his only finding in the mass of belongings, and propped his elbows up onto his mattress to help himself to his feet. Making his way across the room towards its only trash bin, he rolled the hollow container in his hands and nearly laughed aloud at the band aid box’s promoting cartoon character – what would people say if they caught him throwing out a void box of Dora the Explorer band aids?

Jared blinked down at the box, a memory catching him before he could chuck it into the trash can and forget about it forever. After Marion and Serenity’s physical spat, he’d been left with the bunch of unused Dora the Explorer band aids that hadn’t gone to the beneficiary of Marion Lee that he most certainly did not want his roommate coming across, should the guy ever be on a frantic search for the small, binding solutions. Consequently, he sifted through a series of logical resolutions and decided on one surefire way to get rid of the embarrassing things; he stuck the remainders all onto a piece of construction paper large enough to hold their shrill entities and labeled it, with big and bold lettering done in Sharpie, “To: M. Lee. USE AS NEEDED.” He had slid the monstrosity of a card through the crack under the door of her dormitory and dashed from the area without looking back successfully. That had been a hell of a mission on its own and he had yet to regret the amusement that had come from it.

Chuckling from the relief that he hadn’t seen her since she’d been freed from his oppression, the night of her fight with Serenity, he watched the box fall amongst other scrap pieces of paper and crumpled up failures.

Suddenly, very much like the occasional epiphanies that came to him in the middle of the night and startled him out of the best dreams, he realized where he had left his cellular device abandoned – his usual table at the school’s café! It was such a painfully obvious realization that he groaned and slammed the heel of his palm against his forehead with a little too much gusto. He’d been quick to dive into a recommended reading after snagging his coffee order and had slipped the phone into the little slot between the sugar and the dessert menu. The abrupt call to leave that had interrupted him mid-drink instilled so much urgency in him that he’d left it in his hurry. Grunting his disapproval once again, he grabbed his keys and wallet, bolting out the door in hopes that no one had picked it out from its spot in the three hours that it’d been left stranded there.

Nearly stumbling into an exiting customer, Jared held the door open in unspoken apology and tumbled in as soon as they had cleared the way. He turned the small corner that would give him sight to the seating area with a skid, gulping down a mouthful of coffee-scented air. He made his way to the table and his line of sight latched onto a figure seated in the chair he had previously used. The adrenaline from his rush over to the place simmered down anticlimactically when he identified whom he was gawking at so intently. “Marion,” he said slowly, his eyes lingering momentarily on hers before lowering to target a familiar electronic in the clutches of her hands. “Hey! That’s mine!”

Marion lay sprawled on the bed. Her legs and arms were resting at what looked like uncomfortable angles but she paid no mind. Her face was void of emotion. A dark halo of hair graced the pillow her head rested on. She was flat on her back and appeared to be fixating on the ceiling. Marions normally lively eyes were dull as she listlessly traced the outline of the plastic stars glued to the celing. She had put them there their sophomore year despite Nanette’s protests. She had even taken the care to arrange them in constellations; Orion, Pleidies and the Big Dipper. Marion took comfort in the soft neon glow while Nanette claimed they disturbed her beauty sleep. As Marion turned her head she felt the crisp cool sheet on her cheek. She became dimly aware of a fly buzzing near the window. Nanette was lounging on  on her bed in a similiar fashion except she was paging through a gossip magazine. Nanette’s expression gradually turned from aloof to a sneer as she read further. Finally when Marion could stand the boredom no longer, she stood up. Instantly she was overcome by dizzyness. When her vision righted itself Marion spoke, “I need cafefine,” She said simply. Nanette gave her a small nod of acknowledgement.

Outside the isolated world of her shared bedroom, Marion’s senses were overwhelmed. The common room was packed with underclassmen. The shouts of boys and the giggles of girls filled the room. They grew quieter as Marion entered and she felt many pairs of eyes glance furtively in her direction. They all knew of her reputation. She kept her eyes straight ahead and walked briskly through the room; they were below her notice. Once the cold New England wind hit her, Marion regretted the choice of a thin North Face jacket. The trampled snow created a well-worn path to Ricardo’s. Students frequented the cozy cafe. However, Marion was relieved to find it nearly deserted. She beelined to her usual seat by the fireplace. Marion sunk into the soft leather of the armchair and sipped contentedly on her Mocha Latte. The soft music and low murmers of fellow coffee lovers created a pleasant ambiance.

Marion watched customers with her alert green eyes. Carefully she considered everything from the way they stood to their choice of drink, looking for insight into their everyday lives and personalities. She shifted in her seat suddenly uncomfortable. It felt as though she was sitting on a small rectangular rock. Marion reached a hand under herself and patted the cushion, blindly searching for the cause of her discomfort. Her fingers brushed a hard cold object and she curiously pulled it out from under herself. It was a phone. Marion checked her pocket, her phone was safely tucked away. Marion looked around her, searching for someone who appeared to be frantically looking for a missing item. She spotted no one. Surely there is no harm in turning it on, Marion thought. She powered on the phone and began searchinf for clues about its owner.

It was in that moment she heard the promclamation, “Hey! That’s mine!” The voice had a familiar ring to it. She whipped around looking for its owner. To her surprise the speaker and apparent owner of the phone was Jared. Marion twirled the phone in her hand, “And why should I believe you?” Marion raised an eyebrow at Jared. She was in the mood to play games. Marion paused appearing to be in deep thought, “What’s that saying?” Jared looked bewildered. Marion smirked, “Oh that’s right. Finders keepers.” She had no real intention to steal the phone but it was amusing to play with Jared.

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For, you’re the reason for my Monday eyes, and fatigue. 

It’s the truth, we’d all be better off without that Monday feeling.

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Zachary, it’s been a while. I almost thought you’d never show up!

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29 January 2012 @ 11:40 PM
pierrefranklin asked: "In the third method (popular in Germany in the Nordic countries), the victim was tied to a ladder which was tied to a frame above the fire. The ladder was then swung down into the flames."

I was on the edge of my seat. Thank god you told me.

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29 January 2012 @ 11:38 PM
pierrefranklin asked: "Burning at the stake was popular in Catholic and Protestant lands. There were three methods of burning at the stake. In the first method, burning wood was piled around a stake driven into the earth. The prisoner hung from the stake from chains or iron hoops. In the second method (popular in punishing witches), the prisoner again hung from a stake, but this time the wood was piled high around the victim so the observers could not see her pain and suffering as she burned."

Good to know. But you forgot to tell me the third method.

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29 January 2012 @ 11:26 PM
Anonymous asked: "Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk with: Ryan, Christian, Jared."

Well you know Christian and I already fucked. I would get drunk with Ryan and so that leaves the Montegomery..

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