You Best Think Twice
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The night was silent, or as silent as it could be when Nanette’s heels tapped against the cold hard floor of the Galloway house corridor. She was the only one that seemed to be awake except for the constantly murmuring wind that caused the branches of the tree to knock on the windows, begging for entrance. A muffled scoff escaped as she looked on their futile attempts to enter into the warmth that seemed to hover around the Galloway house. It was nights like these that she despised. Her nails traced the windows scornfully while a frown replaced the eternal smirk that seemed to reside on her exotic features. Moving away from her former position, she walked over to the door of her dorm. When her fingers made contact with the door handle, a thought slithered into her devious mind. The conversation she had with Primrose arose and she contemplated where to hold the blockade. She would need to go scouting, which meant that she would wake Marion up so that they could wreck havoc on the unsuspecting civilians that occupied Boston. 

Her mood lightened and she stepped into the dimly lit room with a bounce occupying her steps. Getting used to the darkness, her eyes registered the sleeping form of Marion. With an impish grin, she encircled the boundaries of Marion’s bed before she suddenly pounced on the fellow Galloway with a loud roar. Laughter forced its way out of her lips and she fell on the ground with a thud. But she didn’t mind the sudden impact to the floor as she clutched her stomach. Struggling for breath, she finally pulled herself up and wiped away the small tears threatening to fall. She took deep breaths and looked up at Marion with a sly smile, “Awake now?” she rhetorically asked. Leaning against her own bed, she gave Marion her pleading face, accompanied with pouting lips and fluttering eyelashes. It was a rare sight but she needed Marion for this mission to be any fun, “Marion I have a request,” she started with the whiny voice she knew Marion hated, “help me scout out places for the barricade!” she stated with twinkling eyes. 

Jumping onto Marion’s bed, she pouted, “It’ll be fun,” she said while wiggling her eyebrows in a suggestive way, “Besides the Academy has been boring for days,” she said in an exasperated gesture. Falling on her back, she closed her eyes, “It’s killing me, Marion. Help me,” she pretended to wheeze out. Giggling at her dramatic attempts, her expression grimaced as she remembered who she adopted those habits from. She stopped herself from thinking of Wilde and clung onto Marion, “I’ll even let you choose the places we visit today,” she offered with a smile. Her behavior was very un-Nanette-like. She wasn’t sure what triggered her childish and usually dormant personality to shine through but it felt comfortable and real. Biting her lips, she hoped Marion wouldn’t question why she was acting so differently tonight. Because she didn’t understand it herself. 

Marion stood strong. She knew what was about to happen but she felt no fear. She was going to die but she never felt more in control of her life. The crowd jeered as she was led forward. Marion found herself smiling at them. They looked unsettled by her confidence. “You will all meet the same end as me,” she thought and held back a laugh. They feared her power and fear meant respect but it was the end of her reign and Marion understood that. Marion allowed herself to be led roughly up onto the platform. The pyramid of sticks towered above her. Soon flames would consume her along with it. “Burn witch!” She heard the shrill cry ring out. She looked out at the crowd and saw the faces of the ones she loved. Her wrists and legs were bound to a central pole and she saw determination in the eyes of the torch-carrier. “Marion!” She heard Nanette scream and run toward her.

"Awake now?" She heard someone ask. It felt as though she was sacked in the stomach. She opened one eye to find Nanette inches away from her face grinning like a fool. Marion groaned and pulled the pillow over her face. "What the fuck, Nanette?" Marion’s voice was groggy with sleep and muffled by the pillow. Her stomach still hurt, Marion pushed Nanette off of her, sending her to the floor in a heap. Marion mustered a giggled. "What time is it anyways?" Marion asked, almost afraid to look at the clock. Nanette pounced on her again. "There is going to be hell to pay if you have woken me up at some ungodly hour," Marion threatened. She glared at Nanette but both girls knew Marion didn’t mean it. Marion let her head crash back down onto the pillow and let out a deep sigh.

She perked up once again as Nanette began talking about the party. The possibilities intrigued her. Midterms were finally over and every year after midterms their grade had made it a tradition to have a huge party to relieve stress and kick off a new semester. Marion needed to relieve some stress. She raised an eyebrow at Nanette’s curious behavior, “You must be really excited about this party…” Marion trailed off. Unable to resist Nanette, Marion let out one last groan, “Well what the hell, I’m up already. I might as well go do something productive.” Marion pulled the covers off herself and pulled on a pair of clean jeans. “All I ask is that you buy me Indian food at Faneuil Hall,” Marion grinned cheekily. “Now about the party, if we are looking for locations in Boston; you must be planning a large scale party?” Marion was curious normally Galloway gatherings were exclusive but Nanette seemed to be planning something huge. 

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It took three rounds of fishing through every pocket on various articles of clothing, patting down his bed sheets, and frisking about his cabinets for Jared to finally accept that his cell phone was not lying forgotten somewhere within the boundaries of his dorm room. The fruitless hour-long search had taken him through every possible nook and cranny and left him exasperatedly thrown against the floor, head and arm partially beneath his bedding structure. Reaching into the depths of items splayed underneath the bed’s frame, he plucked out an empty box, his only finding in the mass of belongings, and propped his elbows up onto his mattress to help himself to his feet. Making his way across the room towards its only trash bin, he rolled the hollow container in his hands and nearly laughed aloud at the band aid box’s promoting cartoon character – what would people say if they caught him throwing out a void box of Dora the Explorer band aids?

Jared blinked down at the box, a memory catching him before he could chuck it into the trash can and forget about it forever. After Marion and Serenity’s physical spat, he’d been left with the bunch of unused Dora the Explorer band aids that hadn’t gone to the beneficiary of Marion Lee that he most certainly did not want his roommate coming across, should the guy ever be on a frantic search for the small, binding solutions. Consequently, he sifted through a series of logical resolutions and decided on one surefire way to get rid of the embarrassing things; he stuck the remainders all onto a piece of construction paper large enough to hold their shrill entities and labeled it, with big and bold lettering done in Sharpie, “To: M. Lee. USE AS NEEDED.” He had slid the monstrosity of a card through the crack under the door of her dormitory and dashed from the area without looking back successfully. That had been a hell of a mission on its own and he had yet to regret the amusement that had come from it.

Chuckling from the relief that he hadn’t seen her since she’d been freed from his oppression, the night of her fight with Serenity, he watched the box fall amongst other scrap pieces of paper and crumpled up failures.

Suddenly, very much like the occasional epiphanies that came to him in the middle of the night and startled him out of the best dreams, he realized where he had left his cellular device abandoned – his usual table at the school’s café! It was such a painfully obvious realization that he groaned and slammed the heel of his palm against his forehead with a little too much gusto. He’d been quick to dive into a recommended reading after snagging his coffee order and had slipped the phone into the little slot between the sugar and the dessert menu. The abrupt call to leave that had interrupted him mid-drink instilled so much urgency in him that he’d left it in his hurry. Grunting his disapproval once again, he grabbed his keys and wallet, bolting out the door in hopes that no one had picked it out from its spot in the three hours that it’d been left stranded there.

Nearly stumbling into an exiting customer, Jared held the door open in unspoken apology and tumbled in as soon as they had cleared the way. He turned the small corner that would give him sight to the seating area with a skid, gulping down a mouthful of coffee-scented air. He made his way to the table and his line of sight latched onto a figure seated in the chair he had previously used. The adrenaline from his rush over to the place simmered down anticlimactically when he identified whom he was gawking at so intently. “Marion,” he said slowly, his eyes lingering momentarily on hers before lowering to target a familiar electronic in the clutches of her hands. “Hey! That’s mine!”

Marion lay sprawled on the bed. Her legs and arms were resting at what looked like uncomfortable angles but she paid no mind. Her face was void of emotion. A dark halo of hair graced the pillow her head rested on. She was flat on her back and appeared to be fixating on the ceiling. Marions normally lively eyes were dull as she listlessly traced the outline of the plastic stars glued to the celing. She had put them there their sophomore year despite Nanette’s protests. She had even taken the care to arrange them in constellations; Orion, Pleidies and the Big Dipper. Marion took comfort in the soft neon glow while Nanette claimed they disturbed her beauty sleep. As Marion turned her head she felt the crisp cool sheet on her cheek. She became dimly aware of a fly buzzing near the window. Nanette was lounging on  on her bed in a similiar fashion except she was paging through a gossip magazine. Nanette’s expression gradually turned from aloof to a sneer as she read further. Finally when Marion could stand the boredom no longer, she stood up. Instantly she was overcome by dizzyness. When her vision righted itself Marion spoke, “I need cafefine,” She said simply. Nanette gave her a small nod of acknowledgement.

Outside the isolated world of her shared bedroom, Marion’s senses were overwhelmed. The common room was packed with underclassmen. The shouts of boys and the giggles of girls filled the room. They grew quieter as Marion entered and she felt many pairs of eyes glance furtively in her direction. They all knew of her reputation. She kept her eyes straight ahead and walked briskly through the room; they were below her notice. Once the cold New England wind hit her, Marion regretted the choice of a thin North Face jacket. The trampled snow created a well-worn path to Ricardo’s. Students frequented the cozy cafe. However, Marion was relieved to find it nearly deserted. She beelined to her usual seat by the fireplace. Marion sunk into the soft leather of the armchair and sipped contentedly on her Mocha Latte. The soft music and low murmers of fellow coffee lovers created a pleasant ambiance.

Marion watched customers with her alert green eyes. Carefully she considered everything from the way they stood to their choice of drink, looking for insight into their everyday lives and personalities. She shifted in her seat suddenly uncomfortable. It felt as though she was sitting on a small rectangular rock. Marion reached a hand under herself and patted the cushion, blindly searching for the cause of her discomfort. Her fingers brushed a hard cold object and she curiously pulled it out from under herself. It was a phone. Marion checked her pocket, her phone was safely tucked away. Marion looked around her, searching for someone who appeared to be frantically looking for a missing item. She spotted no one. Surely there is no harm in turning it on, Marion thought. She powered on the phone and began searchinf for clues about its owner.

It was in that moment she heard the promclamation, “Hey! That’s mine!” The voice had a familiar ring to it. She whipped around looking for its owner. To her surprise the speaker and apparent owner of the phone was Jared. Marion twirled the phone in her hand, “And why should I believe you?” Marion raised an eyebrow at Jared. She was in the mood to play games. Marion paused appearing to be in deep thought, “What’s that saying?” Jared looked bewildered. Marion smirked, “Oh that’s right. Finders keepers.” She had no real intention to steal the phone but it was amusing to play with Jared.

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Closing her laptop with a sigh, Sarah collapsed back on her bed. Everyone was going ballistic over the fact that it was a Friday and it was starting to drive her nuts. It’s just another day. What’s so important about it?Normally, Sarah didn’t feel like this on the last day of the week. She’d be like everyone else, celebrating with a good party, some drinks and maybe even a few pranks and tricks - which, come to think of it, she felt like doing now. Sitting up, she hugged her knees, thinking of who best to play it on.

A Henderson, maybe? Melissa had started to get on her nerves. Then again, if she did, all the Hendersons would probably get even. Wusses. Can’t fight without each other, can they? Sarah smirked, though she decided against it. Having all the Hendersons against her - though they were spoiled and snotty and probably couldn’t come up with a decent prank even if they tried - probably wouldn’t be the best for her. Impatient with herself, Sarah started to twirl her hair as she thought of who else was a possible candidate. Nanette? She shook her head firmly. Definitely not. Galloways would be worse enemies than Hendersons ever would be. Lying, betraying rotten bitch. Were the words that ran through Sarah’s mind when she thought of the particular brunette Galloway. Shaking her head and preventing more flashbacks from returning to her head, she continued to think of a target, when suddenly, she got it. She snapped her fingers and leapt up her bed. Why didn’t she think of it sooner? Not only did she find a suitable target, but she knew who she could pull it with. Easy.

Activating her phone, she scoured through her contacts until she found the one she was looking for. After texting the contact and pressing send, she headed out of her dorm and towards the Galloway common room.

Text: Marion - Marion, it’s Sarah. Meet me at your common room? I’ve got a plan.

Marion felt the warmth flood her body as she stepped into Ricardo’s. The cozy cafe was bustling with activity and Marion had to fight her way to claim a seat by the window. She took off her black peacoat and drapped it over the arm chair to mark her claim before making her way to the counter. She tapped her foot impatiently while she waited in line to order. Ricardo’s was always busy around this time. Whens he finally got to the counter, she flashed the owner’s son a dazzling smile, “The usual, Cory.” She wrinkled her nose and smiled again, “Thanks honey.” She always laid it on thick with Cory because whenever she did, he had her order ready before the other costumers in line ahead of her. It was only minutes later when Marion pushed past people waiting for their orders to grab hers. “You’re the best,” Marion winked at Cory.

Marion sank into the brown leather armchair and sipped her chai tea latte contently. Outside the window she could see the four houses of Weston Hill Academy. She watched with an aloof expression as underclassman threw snowballs and tackled each other to the ground. Marion grew tired of the long New England winters but she still appreciated the beauty of the freshly fallen snow and the glittery light reflected off of the snow. Marion was interuptted midthought by the vibration of her phone. She picked it up the number was unfamilar. She opened the text message. It was Sarah Wilde, Marion barely knew the girl but instantly a picture of the redhead popped into mind. She was one of the many girls Henri had hooked up with. Marion scoffed and was about to turn her phone off before the last words grabbed her attention, “I’ve got a plan.”

Marion was intrigued. It sounded like Sarah was about to get waist deep in a scheme and Marion was never one to miss out on an opportunity. What did Sarah have up her sleeve. Marion sent out a short reply, “Be there in ten.” She leasuirely finished her chai tea latte and put her jacket back on. She wasn’t thrilled with having to face the cold wind once again. Nevertheless Marion hugged her jacket tightly to her and made her way to the Galloway Common Room. She pushed the heavy oak doors open and beelined to the roaring fire. The redhead was already there waiting. “Sarah,” Marion nodded and waited for her to begin.
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Marion felt blindly in the compartment where she and Nanette kept their stash of banned items. Her fingers stretched out feeling the dark cavity in the wall, finally she wrapped her fingers around the thin neck of a bottle. Marion pulled it out and looked curiously at the bottle, 151 rum. Marion grinned cheekily, they were going to get smashed tonight. She hastily resealed the compartment just as she heard her phone ding from the bed. She walked over and checked her phone. It was Parker, he seemed to have the same idea as she did. Weston Hill Academy was dead and when there was nothing going on during the weekend, the students were generally found getting wasted in their dorm rooms. It was the sad truth of most Friday nights. And tonight wasn’t the night to break that tradition.

Marion pulled a skimpy red bikini out of her top drawer. She was tiring of the endless drunken get togethers. They lacked excitement, it was always the same people, the same games, tonight it was going to different. Marion had plans for tonight, not only was she going to get drunk and forget about Peterson, she wanted to break into Weston’s pool. She slipped into her bathing suit and tugged on her jeans and a simple white shirt before putting on her coat and charging out of the Galloway House. The wind was cold and the strong gusts blew Marion’s hair all around her face. She felt the cold in her bones and walked with her head down across the quad to the Armont House.

It was past curfew and Marion didn’t want to risk being caught with alcohol so she briskly walked to Parker’s window near the back of the Armont house. It happened to be on the first floor. Marion hugged her arms against her chest for warmth before reluctantly slipping a slender hand from her mitten and tapping on the frozen glass. There was no answer, Marion grew annoyed, she was not going to sit out her in the cold. She shoved the mittens in her pockets and applied upward pressure on the window. After several efforts she felt it budge, they hadn’t locked their window. She pushed the windown up and lifted herself in. Marion tumbled in head first. She stood up in a huff, “What the fuck, Parker?” Marion said annoyed. “Were you going to let me freeze my ass off out there?”

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The Galloway Girls

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Henri watched Marion rise with a perked eyebrow. Even her temper was consistent in the mornings. He let out a low laugh at how she talked to herself. Of course. She had said she would no longer talk to him. Unlike how she scattered around to find her clothes, Henri relaxed his back muscles, flopping back to the surface of his bed, but still watching her buzz around. Usually, he hated it when people were in his room, even an Armont friend (excepting Will, of course) being in his dorm room annoyed Henri. They didn’t belong in a private part of his life, but he found it surprising that he didn’t mind the buzzing brunette’s presence in his room and even to the point of her smell lingering over the familiarity of his own bed.

You and your silly high standards are what make you oblivious to the fact that you actually have feelings for her, narcissistic douchebag. The only reason she never stopped you or disagreed on your no strings attached shit is because she thought you would feel the same way sooner or later. Henri pushed Sarah’s voice out of his head. It was stupid. It wasn’t a matter of having high standards or if Marion was up to par. He had no standards for girls as long as they would keep it classy and keep it just in the bed. Or other places, but there was always nothing more than just the sex and not the whole emotional baggage, and Henri thought that Marion was like that until she declared their arrangement to be over.

Fine. I can work with that. was what he had thought when she walked away, and he had a fine time finding lays and company but last night, he came back to Marion despite telling himself to stop bothering her. And she responded back. “Been there, done that,” he muttered with a smirk at her profanity. “Oh Marion, I’m sure it’s more than just the bed that we were romping around at,” Henri scoffed. “And I never denied that I liked it rough. But I’m sure you had fun being rough on and around me last night.”

Marion threw back her head, her dark hair fanning around her as she did another shot. The boy whose name she couldn’t remember let out a sound, impressed. He had been hitting on her all night without success. Marion had lost track of how many shots she had done. She looked out at the rest of the party. Uncounciously her eyes searched the room for a certain blonde. She felt a sharp stab of jealousy as she watched another girl grind up against him. Fueled by the alcohol Marion strode over to where everyone was dancing. She put her hands up, feeling the hypnotic beat. Bright blue eyes caught her green ones. She moved closer to him, pulling him toward her by his loosely hanging tie. The girl Henri was dancing with let out an indignant cry. Marion shoot her a look that said “fuck off” and she did. A sober thought drifted into Marion’s mind; it wondered why she was dancing with the boy she had called an arrogant prick and ended things with. She brushed it aside.

Marion tried to keep her eyes off of Henri’s abs as he spoke to her. She found herself wishing he was a scawny unattractive prick. It would have made giving him up so much easier. Though she doubted she would have been with him in the first place if he looked like that. Marion knew it was supposed to be personality over looks but she wasn’t looking for true love and their relationship had always been physical. His eyes drew her in. His smirk as infuriating as it was, had always attracted Marion. When he spoke in his low husky voice, casually insulting her, she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to punch him or jump his bones. It was twisted, Marion knew, but she couldn’t help it.

"Peterson, I was drunk." Marion admitted, "But never in a thousand years is this going to happen again." She look at him lounging on his bed as though this was something he had planned. Her anger mounted and in a mocking voice she said, "Your a decent fuck but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.” Marion enuciated every word carefully, letting her words drip like sugar from her mouth. Marion spoke with conviction but her body langauge said something entirely different. As she spoke her hand slowly moved down Henri’s stomach, tracing his defined muscles.

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Nanette caught Marion’s glance and she gave her a terse nod before hitting the end of her pencil idly hit the note-covered paper in front of her.  She wrapped her right leg around her left as her eyes shimmered maliciously at the remembrance of her previous meeting with Jade. She didn’t hate the girl, no she tolerated her at best. The two worked well when it came to schemes but when left alone, the girl frustrated her with her sickeningly sweet attitude. Then again, every group needs a balance. Hiding the smirk that was slowly forming because of Marion’s obvious hunger, Nanette occupied herself by diligently taking the notes from the board. Despite popular belief, Nanette worked hard for her grades unlike Ryan. She was always jealous of his natural ability to learn quickly, while she toiled through actually studying. It was a flaw, but a flaw that she had begrudgingly accepted, especially after her father praised her for her work ethic.

The teacher stopped his ramblings, and Nanette quickly collected her things and tapped her fingers on Marion’s desk as she waited for the girl to follow her, “Let’s go,” she finally said without turning around to see if the fellow Galloway was following. Upon reaching the entrance of the dining hall, she smirked as Marion stood by her side. Taking her regular seat, she idly took out the lunch she bought from Capice, “But Marion, you always end up falling asleep in Lit,” Nanette remarked humorously as she took a bite of her sandwich. Placing her bag on the corner of her chair, she smirked as she saw the blond Galloway reaching the table, “Why Jade, hello dear,” she started with a knowing smile.

Unlike her first encounter with Jade, Nanette decided to be cordial today. She owed Marion that much. Though the three girls spent time together, and got along occasionally, there was always that constant tension between herself and Jade. She wasn’t sure when it all started, but it was just there. It surprised her that the three of them had moments of actual friendship, “Where have you been lately? Haven’t seen you around,” she began while taking a sip of water laced with alcohol. If she was going to be cordial to the sweet little princess, she was going to need some alcohol running through her system.

Jade seemed to be paying attention to the lesson, but anyone who looked closely would see that her head was slightly tilted to the side, eyes closed. This was the first time back in school that they had AP English Lit and the he substitute taught the class in such a way that ended up in Jade falling asleep. Who could stand listening to that droning voice of his? The only thing that happened to wake Jade up was the vibrating phone in her pocket. Jolting awake, Jade immediately reached for her phone and read the text. Sitting all the way in the front, Jade turned around when the substitute was looking in another direction and gave Marion a knowing smile. Only a few minutes left and they were free to go, Jade realized as she swiftly glanced at the polished clock above.

The familiar, anticipated bell finally struck and Jade was about to shove her way out when the teacher called her back. Okay. Was she in trouble now? She always maintained good grades, hadn’t she? Jade decided to give up with the worrying. Besides, he was a substitute. What would he know? She caught Marion’s eye, indicating for her and Nanette to head on without her first.

10 minutes later and Jade was finally out of the classroom, finding Marion and Nanette at their usual table. With her small lunchbox and a silver bag full of books and pens, Jade approached them and slid into a seat next to Nanette, “Hello to you too girls.” She wasn’t in the mood to reply with the tone of voice she tended to use with Nanette. Instead, Jade began ranting, “That substitute pissed the hell out of me. You know why I had to stay after? He totally told me off for a good ten minutes about why I shouldn’t be sleeping in class. That idiot. Doesn’t he know what crappy teaching skills he has? We ought to have better ones at Weston Hill.”

Calming herself by taking a few deep quick breaths, Jade opened up her lunchbox. Inside, neatly packed, was a shimmery bento box along with a bottle of mineral water.
“Oh? Me? Been busy. My dad needed me for something so I was excused from school for a couple of days. Got back today and was welcomed with a pleasant substitute of the day. Where’s Mrs. Brownfield anyway? Sick?”

“What about you Marion? Back to school been treating you alright? I haven’t had any fun for days, what with all the piling amount of homework.” Jade pouted slightly, taking a bite of her sushi.

Marion shot Nanette a grateful look. She had decided to act cordial to Jade and Marion appreciated that. She knew Nanette didn’t love Jade but Marion enjoyed her company. Jade’s candy-sweet personality balanced the stark cattiness of Marion and Nanette. She knew she lacked the luxery of having many friends and she was determined to not let Nanette and Jade’s petty disagreements cause her to lose any more.

Marion took a bite of her hummus wrap and chewed thoughtfully before answering, “I think substitutes think they are more important than they are. They’re worse than the actual teacher yet they think they are better than everyone else.” Marion rolled her eyes, “And this one bored the shit out of me.”

"As for what I’ve been up to," Marion grinned cheekily, "nothing out of the ordinary. Some Henderson bitch had the nerve to piss me off on the first day back." Marion paused taking another bite, "I mean honestly she deserved what she got." Marion didn’t regret what she did. She was prideful and when she was insulted she fought back. "Other than that things have been rather dull."

Her eye caught Henri’s from across the room. She let out an inaudible sigh, “Well there is one other thing,” Marion added adressingboth girls, “Henri and I ended whatever it was we had.” Marion tried to keep all emotion out of her voice but a tone of anger slowly crept in, “He’s an insufferable bastard! So what if he’s a decent fuck. When it concerns him I’m stuck in a rut and it was time that I did something about it.”

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Marion smirked at the ceiling, “It’s always a pleasure Christian. You see if hadn’t started without you then I would have been in a foul mood.” Marion sat up looking a the boy. “And now I’m as plesant as I’ll ever be.” Marion put on a mask of innocence and sweetness. She hold up the bottle. “You better start drinking now if you ever want to catch up,” Marion’s words came out as a challenge. She had a high tolerance for alcohol or so she liked to think. She prided herself on knowing her limits, she never drank herself sick.

After Christian was done Marion took back the bottle and took a few more swigs. She felt the familiar burn as the hot liquid slid down her throat. “It’s curious how we enjoying drinking something that looks, smells and I’m sure tastes like a heavy-duty cleaning product,” Marion mused. She glanced sideways at Christian, he didn’t look his normally happy self. Marion wasn’t an idiot. She had heard the rumours circulating Christian and his now ex-girlfriend Grace. The whole school knew about the very public break up. They were the golden couple of the school. Marion was sure that was the reason Christian was looking blue.

“Drink up, man,” Marion advised. “I don’t want to deal with a moping boy.” Her words were harsh, Marion knew, but it was her manner of speaking. Marion knew constantly agonizing over every detail of the break up and drama surrounding it was only hurting Christian more. “Christian, I only have two rules tonight. First, drink until you can’t remember her name. Second, no talking about your relationship drama. We can talk shit about anyone you’d like except for her. We can dance in our underwear. We can make snow-fucking-angels if you’d like. I don’t care, just try to forget about everything that’s worrying you.” Marion grinned, “What do you think?”

Christian raised one of his eyebrows at her along with a smirk on his face. “You in a foul mood? Never.” He took a seat next to her on the carpet with the same facial expression that he had just given her. When he drinks he drink to the point that either made a fool out of himself or did something that he would regret in the morning. “Thanks.” He snatched the bottle of her hands. Putting his lips to the rim of bottle he could feel the tequila burn as it when down his throat. Christian wasn’t on to make a face when it came to drinking something strong, but he couldn’t help but cough a little. “Damn, it’s been way to long.”

He handed the bottle back to Marion and watched her take a few more swigs from the bottle. Probably because by the time we are done drinking none of it fazes us.” He knew that this part was true; when he drank he never let anything phase him mostly. The way Marion was looking at him gave it away that he wasn’t hiding his feelings any. Christian couldn’t hide the feelings that he had been having over the week; it wasn’t something he could not do. He shook his head as Marion handed him back the bottle. “I plan on it.” That part was true; he planned on drinking till he couldn’t remember the next morning.

 He still had his lips on the bottle when she started talking about. He felt the liquid burn down his throat again, but that didn’t stop him from taking more sips from the bottle. He finally let his lips off the bottle with a grin growing across his face, “I think that’s a wonderful idea.” His words were a little slurred, but that didn’t faze him. ‘You know what sounds like a good idea to me.” Christian stood up and caught his balance. “One more to drink and two” he held up his two fingers, “We make snow angels in our underwear.” His laugh was loud and obnoxious as he took another sip of tequila. He finally handed the bottle back to Marion and gave her grin. “I know something that will make your day ten times better.” He laughed with a mischievous grin on this face this time. “Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday.” Christian couldn’t help but try to dance to his horrible singing. 

Marion laughed at Christian and shook her head. “Let me amend that rule just a little. You are not allowed to drink so much I have to drive you to the hospital.” Marion did not want to have to deal with a sloppy, sick drunk boy. She laughed again at Christian’s sarcasm, “I see my reputation precedes me. But didn’t you hear, Christian,” Marion asked her voice dripping with sarcasm, “My New Year’s resolution is too be much more pleasant.” Marion poured two more drinks at Christian’s insistance. She was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol more now. The shots, one after another burned down her throat.

She stood up suddenly alongside Christian. She adjusted her jean jacket as she struggled to keep her balance. Blood rushed to her head and the sensation made her giggle. Marion considered Christian suggestion, “Why the fuck not!” Marion laughed, “If I get hypothermia, I’m sending you the hospital bill.” This was going to be a night of firsts.

Marion covered her ears as Christian belted out the words to “Friday.” But she was unable to supress a laugh at his horrendous out of tune singing and dancing. “Noo!” Marion let a cry, “My ears are bleeding!” She walked over to Christian and threw a light punch in his direction. The small force behind her punch threw Marion off balance. She began to sawy to the side and before she landed on a heap on the floor, Christian caught her. “My white knight!” Marion giggled and rolled her eyes at the ridiculous expression. She was caught by surprise at Christian quick reflexes despite the fact he was by no means sober.

Once he set her back upright, Marion began to take off her clothes. She had no qualms about showing her body to members of the opposite sex, she was all-state cross country runner and had the body to prove it. “Are you ready to make those snow angels?” Marion asked excitedly. Despite the popstrousnes of the idea, she was beginning to like it more and more. Once she was stripped down to a black lacy bra and matching underwear, Marion poured two more shots. “For warmth,” She announced.

They ran laughing as fast as their legs could carry them down the empty hallways. Marion peeked around the doorway into the common room, “It’s all clear!” she shouted. Christian pulled open the heavy main doors and Marion was instantly hit by a gust of cold air. She shivered despite the warmth of the alcohol coursing through her body. Feeling brave, she stepped outside fearlessly and threw herself down into the freshly falllen snow. The cold elnvoloped her body and the wet whiteness clung to her skin. Gracefully she moved her arms and legs to begin the formation of the angel. She felt Christian do the same besides her. Her teeth chattered as steam rose up off her body. Finally satisfied, She stood up carefully. Marion smiled softly, “It’s beautiful.” She allowed herself only a moment to be sentimental before saying, “I’m fucking freezing, we better get inside and warm up.”

Marion and Christian stood inside in front of the fire for a few moments. Marion could not stop shivering, she felt Christian drape a cold arm around her slender shoulders in an effort to warm her. The soft fuzziness from the alcohol felt blissful. Suddenly she was struck by an idea. Marion grabbed Christian’s hand and ran up upstairs. She purposefully pushed the bathroom door open and then shut it firmly behind her. She tore open the shower curtain and turned on the water as hot as it could go. She stepped in and the hot water stung her skin. Christian stepped in after her. The water began to warm her entire body. She looked up at Christian, water streaming down her face. She smiled softly her green eyes peircing into his.

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